Board Members

The following owners are the 2021-22 board members along with titles and contact information. Click on their names to see a bio and pictures. 
The Board of Directors volunteer to be on your board. They are willing to serve the residents of Sandpiper Isle. Sandpiper Isle has five board members who are elected for two-year terms. Elections are held each year, alternating the election of two members one year and three members the next to stagger terms.  Remember being a board member is a volunteer position and no one gets paid. Please be kind to those who try to do their part to help our community.
All questions/maintenance issues/miscellaneous inquiries regarding Sandpiper Isle for common areas/buildings/etc. are to be reported to Gulf Breeze except as noted by specific board assignments (refer to contact page). 
To learn more about your board member or to send an email to any one of the board members, 'click' on the blue links as shown below:
John Dunderdale - BIO
24330 Sandpiper Isle Way #103
24350 Sandpiper Isle Way #703
Pam Fromelt (Tom) - BIO
24330 Sandpiper Isle Way #204
Contact for Landscaping
John T. Ryan Bio
24320 Sandpiper Isle Way #103
At- Large 
Larry Hartman (Lu) - Bio
24370 Sandpiper Isle Way #103